What if The Earth Was Flat?

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What if The Earth Was Flat?

Flat Earth

Firstly, walking to the edge of the flat earth couldn’t be done because gravity would simply not let you! Would gravity even be possible on a flat earth? The answer is yes because the force of gravity keeps our planet or any other planet together, and most importantly, the force of gravity is what forms a planet in the first place.


In the case of a pancake shaped earth, the force of gravity would pull you to the center and will become stronger as you tried to walk away from it, pulling the top of your body backwards. It would feel as if you were climbing a hill that was getting steeper, and by the time you reach the edge down and behind you would be the same direction, sounds weird!

How about water being sucked into the center of the earth or diagonal trees growing in the opposite direction of gravity’s pull.

And then there is the sun, how would a flat earth behave in space? One flat earth theory says that the sun revolves around the earth as shown below, not the other way around. What if the sun orbited the earth, just like the moon does? In that case, you would never suffer jetlag because there would be no such thing as time zones. The sun would light up both the top and the bottom of the planet.  This would mean constant light, no day and night cycle. Also no seasons or solar eclipses. The sun itself would have to be much smaller, otherwise it would burn the earth to a crisp. It would probably fry the planet anyway as there would be no geomagnetic field to protect earth from its radiation.

The geomagnetic field is generated in the solid core of the earth and keeps our atmosphere from escaping, and without it, cosmic rays would bombard our bodies causing everything from cancer to DNA damage. The ocean would escape into space and so with the air and all our oxygen.

But let’s assume that a flat earth had an alternative to our magnetic field. This way you would still be alive to notice some of the strange flat earth effects. Like your shadow, say you had a friend just as tall as you, but they lived a thousand miles away. On a sunny day, your shadows would be the very same length because unlike on a spherical earth, the sun’s rays would hit both of you at the same angle, and if you two were to meet up, traveling would turn out very different. Let’s take a map introduced by the flat earth society.

The one that shows the Arctic at the center and Antarctica as an ice wall around the edges. In this world, it would take you 32 hours to fly from Australia to Argentina. Did we mention there be no GPS? Satellites wouldn’t be able to orbit a flat earth leaving humanity with no navigation and no synchronized time. This means no ATMs, no credit cards, no high-speed stock market transactions. Other bright side with a good pair of binoculars you could see Dubai’s Burj Khalifa from any part of the flat world. But let’s be honest, you don’t need to build your own rocket to see that the earth is not flat, the evidence is all around us.

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